Multiplayer Information for Trials Frontier

Is there multiplayer in Trials Frontier?

Trials Frontier utilizes asynchronous multiplayer. You can race against the ghosts of your friends or anyone in the world to both foster competition, as well as learn from their moves.
Are there leaderboards for Trials Frontier?
There are Friend and Global leaderboards for each track in the game, and an Overall leaderboard that represents your standing in the whole game both among your friends and everyone who is playing it. They not only let you know how you stack up against your friends, but also the levels of their bikes. You can gain some serious bragging points by beating a track’s high score previously held by someone with a better bike than you have!

How are the leaderboard scores calculated?
The leaderboard’s standings are based on the number of faults and the time it took you to finish the track. Faults count more, so people with a worse time but fewer faults may be higher than you on the leaderboard. The overall leaderboard score is based on how many tracks you have raced and your times and faults on those tracks.

How often are the leaderboard scores updated?
If you play online, all leaderboard scores and ghosts are uploaded immediately when you finish the race. If you play offline or haven’t yet connected to Ubisoft Connect, leaderboard results are uploaded when you connect, but ghost data takes a while to get updated. For this reason some people on the leaderboards may have a high score but you can't race against their ghost yet.

Will my leaderboard score be removed if my account gets resets?
Leaderboard scores are stored on our server, so they are safe!

How do I add friends on Trials Frontier?
You can add friends by sending a request through in-game Ubisoft Connect page, or if you have linked your Ubisoft and Facebook accounts, simply by adding people to your Facebook friends.

Do I need a Facebook account to play Trials Frontier?
No, it is not mandatory.  However, you can use your Facebook account to easily create a new Ubisoft account if you don’t have one yet, or link it to your existing Ubisoft account to play against your Facebook friends and be able to share your best times on Facebook.

When I choose to connect to Facebook, will my friends’ wall be spammed by messages?
No, we don’t automatically post any messages on Facebook from your account.

What is PVP?
PvP is ranked, Head to Head competition against other players.

How does PVP work?
You compete against another player for 24 hours across 3 randomly chosen tracks, each with a randomly chosen bike that you both must race.  The player who has the best performance on 2 of the 3 tracks when the timer runs out wins!

How many players can play PVP at a time?
PvP is a 1vs1 competition, so only 2 players in a single match, although the whole world is playing in the same season.

Are leaderboards different in PVP?
Yes.  Times set in PvP are not saved to the normal leaderboard (unless you get a new best time with a proper tier bike).  There is a season rank leaderboard though which shows who has the highest rank amongst your friends for that season.  Then, for the best players, there is the Legends Leaderboard where players are directly ranked against other legendary players.

How do I reach legendary leaderboard?
Earn Rank 1 in the season and then level up again, you will then be placed into the Legendary Leaderboard.

What are golden tickets?
Golden tickets are tickets that give you extra tries to defeat your opponent in PvP matches.  You can use them also to start extra matches over the normal match limit.

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