Finding pre-order content in Far Cry 4

The pre-order missions and weapons are listed here individually. Once available in game, pre-order missions are identified on the map by the following icon: 
Standalone Missions
The Syringe Mission -  accessible after completing A Cultural Exchange. 
Blood Ruby - accessible after completing A Cultural Exchange.
Yak Farm Mission - accessible after completing A Key to the North.
Standalone Weapons
Elephant gun .700 Nitro - available immediately in the in-game shop.
Sandman 1911 Pistol - available immediately in the in-game shop.
Driller PKM - available immediately in the in-game shop.
Butcher’s Machete - available immediately in the Arena (the Arena is unlocked after The Mouth of Madness).
Hurk’s Redemption 
Speak No Evil - accessible after completing Sermont on the Mount ( Loginus Mission).
Call of the Wild - accessible after completing Speak No Evil.
A Familiar Feeling - accessible after completing Call of the Wild and Key to the North.
Harpoon Gun - Available in the shop after completing A Familiar Feeling.

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