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What consoles or computers is Rocksmith available on?
The original Rocksmith is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 system, and PC. The all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and for the first time, Mac.

Can I use my guitar with Rocksmith?
Most likely, the answer is yes. If your guitar has a standard 1/4" output jack for you to plug in the required Rocksmith Real Tone Cable, then yes, your guitar will work. If your guitar does not have a jack (for example, many acoustic guitars), you can go down to your local music store and buy a pickup, and your guitar will be ready to plug in and play.

Do I need an amplifier to play the game?
Nope. All you need is a TV and a compatible console or computer. With Rocksmith, your TV, computer, or home theater system becomes your amplifier. You plug your guitar directly into the console, and play. It's that easy.

I've never played guitar, and it seems difficult and intimidating. How do you expect me to play this game with no prior guitar knowledge?
Rocksmith is designed for players of all skill levels, whether you’re a seasoned pro or touching a guitar for the first time. Rocksmith adapts to your personal skill level in real time, making it possible for you to play and have fun.

I'm an experienced guitar player, and am not interested in software for beginners. Why should I buy Rocksmith?
If you're an experienced guitar player, it will recognize this, and feed you the amount of notes that you're able to play. If that's 100% of what the actual guitar is playing in the recorded song, then that’s what you’ll be able to learn to play at a pace that’s right for you.

Does Rocksmith have rhythm or lead guitar?
Both! Rocksmith has arrangements including lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass guitar. Within a specific song, whatever guitar parts are featured in the actual recording are what we have available for you to play.

Are there effects pedals in the game?
There are loads of effects pedals built into the game, and they are all the real deal. You'll get to tweak your sounds, and string them together with nearly infinite combinations until you're satisfied. Whether it's a crunchy distortion, a vintage tremolo, or a psychedelic reverb, we have the gamut covered to make sure you can achieve the sound you're looking for.

Is there multiplayer?
Absolutely. We have split screen multiplayer where you and a friend can rock side-by-side in any combination of guitar and bass.

What songs do you have in the game?
Our always-growing song library includes a wide range of music, features hit rock songs by their original artists spanning alternative rock, heavy metal, classic rock, and more. With Rocksmith you can learn to play your favorite songs from a wide range of eras and genres! For the most up-to-date track list, visit the Music Page.

Are there chord charts?
Yes! And they are interactive. Rocksmith includes over 1,000 chords.

Can I put my own music into the game?
Currently, no. The intended goal of Rocksmith is not to be recording software. We want people to focus on playing the guitar and having fun.

What’s the Rocksmith guitar cable?
Rocksmith requires a unique quarter-inch to USB cable that allows users to plug any real guitar with a quarter-inch jack directly into their Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, or Mac. Developed exclusively for Rocksmith, this revolutionary cable turns the guitar’s signal from analog to digital, allowing it to be recognized and played through your hardware device. Rocksmith is bundled with the required cable, except in download versions and the Rocksmith 2014 Edition "No Cable Included" Version

What is the price of the standalone Rocksmith Real Tone Cable?
The Rocksmith Real Tone Cable alone retails for $29.99. If you have more than one, you can play multiplayer with up to two people.

Will my cable from the original Rocksmith work with Rocksmith 2014 Edition?
Yes it will. The Real Tone Cable is compatible and required for all versions of Rocksmith.

Is there DLC for the game?
Yup! Our DLC library includes well over 100 songs and is constantly expanding. For a complete, up-to-date list of what’s available to download visit the Music page.

Will I be able to use DLC from the original Rocksmith with Rocksmith 2014 Edition?
Yes, you will. Your previous DLC purchases will be transferable without any sort of re-payment, as long as you’re moving them on the same platform (i.e., trying to move your original Rocksmith DLC you got on your Xbox 360 console to a copy of Rocksmith 2014 Edition on PlayStation®3 system will not work). This means that Rocksmith 2014 Edition will see new DLC releases in addition to the vast library already established with the original Rocksmith.

What about the on-disc songs from the original Rocksmith? Can I play those?
Yes! If you still own the original Rocksmith, you will be able to import 52 of the original songs into the new Rocksmith 2014 Edition for a one-time music label relicensing fee of $9.99. As part of this process, all these songs will be updated with the new tunings, techniques, tones, and other enhancements new to 2014 Edition. These 52 songs include everything except Eric Clapton "Run Back To Your Side" and Cream "Sunshine of Your Love" from the main disc tracks, plus 3 of the 5 unlockable bonus songs. To do this process, you will be prompted inside the main menu the first time you launch, or you can access it from the SHOP as the "Song Import" pack.

What’s the difference between the original Rocksmith and the all-new Rocksmith 2014 Edition?
Rocksmith 2014 Edition is all new. All the original game’s features have been drastically improved and revamped, and we’ve added a ton of new ones! Check out our product comparison list for more details.

Are there latency issues with Rocksmith?
If you experience any noticeable latency with Rocksmith, then it’s more than likely due to the specific setup you’re using. Since everyone has a unique arrangement with their home entertainment systems, we’ve outlined steps you can take to avoid this issue.
If available on your TV, use the Game or PC mode setting. These modes bypass extra video processing filters to seriously reduce lag time.
If the TV does not have a Game or PC mode, you can diminish lag by turning off video processing filters. Refer to your TV manual for more information on how to turn off processing filters.
Check to see that the console is outputting video at the native resolution of your TV. If your TV’s native resolution is 1080p but your console is set to 720p, the TV must process the signal to scale the image up to fill the entire screen, which adds to the input lag.
On some TVs, HDMI connections can introduce more input lag than component or PC cables. If your TV has noticeable input lag using HDMI connection, you can diminish the lag by switching to component video cables or PC cables.
If you’re using external speakers, connecting the audio from the console to a stereo receiver or home theater system using analog audio cables can fix audio lag. To match the on-screen note display to the audio, you can advance the notes using the Note Advance calibration.

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