Anno 2205 Season Pass Content

The Season Pass comprises of three DLCs: Tundra, Orbit and Frontiers.

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1. Tundra Expansion

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In the Tundra expansion, you will expand your corporation’s dominion with the new Tundra sector, Vanha Plains. Make sure you enjoy all aspects of this new environment: roam the marshes, cross the fjords or observe the muskoxen. You won’t have to walk the wide plains on foot, of course: you can travel the new sector in style, using your new high-tech aircraft.

With the Vanha Plains being the most challenging sector project so far, there is also a lot for you to do: You can try to solve the mystery of the forgotten ECO sanctuaries or you could help the new character, Esther Nylund, to disarm a deadly fever. The latter also gives you the opportunity to re-use the virus' components to create new gameplay options. And let’s not forget about the exclusive Tundra production chains you can set up to supply production everywhere on Earth.

Here’s a quick summary:
 - Big continental sector enlarges corporation
 - New Tundra environment offers diversity
 - New command aircraft strengthens vehicle gameplay
 - Biggest sector project so far adds story, quests and gameplay features
 - New Character enriches the world of Anno 2205
 - New building type enhances production everywhere on Earth
 - New production chains to cultivate the Tundra plains

2. Orbit Expansion

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The Moon is not enough: In the Orbit expansion, your corporation will extend into outer space!

Within the new orbital sector you will build your very own space station. Recruit the bravest men and women amongst your employees and settle them in orbit. You can construct research modules to individually upgrade and tweak your space station. Controlling such a station will benefit your corporation: Once you have ensured supply for your scientists, they will create powerful global research effects boosting all of your sectors. 

Here’s a quick summary:
 - Unlock the new orbital sector
 - Create your own orbital space station
 - Build powerful research modules in space
 - Supply your scientists in orbit
 - Global science effects to boost all sectors

3. Frontiers Expansion

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New sectors, a new faction and new features await! FRONTIERS brings back several gameplay elements from classic Anno games. The new sector, Madrigal Islands, consists of multiple smaller islands and the coasts are no longer safe, as military conflicts are reintroduced into your regular sectors. 

Here’s a quick summary:
 - More Starting Sectors and Corporation Options
 - New Sectors
 - Military Invasions
 - Synthetics
 - New Ornamentals
 - New Corporation Logos
 - New Achievements
FRONTIERS Interface Changes:
 - Strategy Map
 - Sector UI
 - Residence UI

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