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Error: Cannot Open File Handler


While installing I receive an error message, "Cannot open file handler".


This error usually happens when one or more QuickTime files on the system are hidden from view. To correct the problem, you will need to modify the properties of these files so the installer can find them properly.

Please try the following steps:
1. From the desktop, click the Start button and select Shut Down.
2. Select "Restart in MS-DOS mode" and click Yes. This will restart the system without running Windows.
3. When you are at a DOS prompt type CD \WINDOWS and press Enter.
4. At the C:\WINDOWS prompt type ATTRIB *.* -H and press Enter.
5. When you return to a C:\WINDOWS prompt, type CD SYSTEM and press Enter.
6. At the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM prompt you should again type ATTRIB *.* -H and press Enter.
7. Next, type EXIT and press Enter, and the system will restart and return to Windows.
8. Double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.
9. Right-mouse click the icon for your CD-ROM drive, and select Install Quicktime from the list of options that appears.
10. After installing Quicktime, you should be able to play Riven

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