Contoller Commands for Ghost Recon PS2


Do you have a listing of the controller commands for Ghost Recon PS2? I do not know which button does what in the game?


Controller layout for Ghost Recon PS2

Left stick: Move forwards/backwards; strafe left/right
Right stick: Look up/down; turn left/right
up button: stance up
down button: stance down
left button: cycle soldier
right button: cycle soldier
Triangle button: activate/deactivate night vision
Square button: Cycle through weapons/equipment
X button: Reload
Circle button: Action button(Open/Close doors, etc.)
L1 button: Activate command map
R1 button: Fire weapon/deploy grenade
L2 button: Zoom out
R2 button: Zoom in
R3 button: Issue quick command to A.I. team.

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