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I Cannot Put the Paintbrush Away


I was using the paintcan to paint my pet. I accidentaly put the paintcan away without the brush and now the brush is stuck on the screen. I cannot seem to put the paint brushes away.


If you are having trouble with the paintbrush staying on the screen, try this workaround:

1. Browse to the Petz directory (c:\program files\ubi soft\studio mythos\petz 5\resource\toyz)
2. Copy the 'paint can.toy' file into another separate folder.
3. Launch petz 5. Close petz 5.
4. Put the 'paint can.toy' file back into the toyz folder.
5. Launch petz 5.

The paintbrush should no longer be on the screen anymore. In the meantime, try to avoid putting the paintcan away without the brush. You can put the brush back in the paint can and then put them both away.

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