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Accessing my Assassin’s Creed II Rewards


How do I access my Assassin’s Creed II Uplay Rewards once redeemed?


- Extra Throwing Knives (TK)
Accessible as soon as you get the ability of TK (SQ03_M04)
You can get the pouch of extra knives at any tailor shop.
The extra large pouch is free.
The extra large pouch should give you the ability to carry 25 Throwing Knives instead of 20.

Altair Skin
You need to complete the walkthrough until the end of SQ01_M10 (once you've got Giovanni’s Assassin’s skin in his office)
Get the skin at any tailor shop
Go into the Animus Desktop (pause menu)
Go into Inventory/Outfits
Select the Altair Skin (last selection)

Auditore LGS
You need to complete the walkthrough until the end of SQ04.
Once SQ05 is loaded, you can go directly to Monterigionni
The LGS is located at the Assassin icon position on your map

Auditore LGS


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