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Landing Gear in H.A.W.X 2


How do I lower my landing gear in H.A.W.X 2 so I can land my plane?


1. Start by aligning your plane with the landing area.
2. You should see an icon appear on screen to "Press Square (PS3) /  X (360) to Initiate Landing"
3. Press Square (PS3) /  X (360) and you should see an option at the bottom of the screen "Square  (PS3) / X (360) for Assisted Approach"
4. After pressing Square (PS3) / X (360) a second time, follow the green outline to the landing point.
5. Once you are closer to your landing point you will see the option "Press X (PS3) / A (360) to Lower Landing Gear"

From this point you simply need to maintain a slow speed in order to stay on track and land your plane.

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