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How To Use the Motion Tracking Camera with Racquet Sports


How do I enable the use of my motion tracking camera with Racquet Sports?


Racquet Sports allows you to use the Wii remote or the USB camera to play. Please use the steps below to allow use of the motion tracking camera:

1. Load up Racquet Sports and on the first screen press A & B to begin
2. Select the number of players with the A button
3. Highlight and select a profile and choose continue (bottom/right)
4. Select either righty or lefty and choose continue (bottom/right)
5. Select a player avatar and choose continue
6. Next select your game mode, game type, and match length (these options may vary depending on the game mode)
7. Once your match is chosen, the following screen should display the option to use either Wii remote or USB camera.

You can use the USB camera in Free Mode, Around the World, Friendly Tournament, and Friendly Championship modes. To learn how to use the USB camera with Racquet Sports, follow the video tutorial on the calibration screen.

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