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PS Eye and PS Move Instructions


How do I use the PlayStation Eye and the PS Move with Just Dance 2015?


To dance and navigate the menus, all you need is a PlayStation Move motion controller. Put on the wrist strap and tighten it accordingly. You will need four motion controllers if you want four players to dance at the same time.

Navigating the Menus
Point the PlayStation Move motion controller at the screen and confirm your choice with the Move button. In most screens, you can go back with the "O" button. While playing the game, you can go to the Pause menu with the START button.

The Game
The goal of the game is to dance as closely in rhythm as possible with the dancer(s) on screen. The flow of your body movements will be sensed by the PlayStation Move motion controller and compared with those of professional dancers in order to evaluate your performance precisely. The amount of energy you put in is also detected and affects you score, so give it your all!

• Make sure that you have enough space to dance in.
• You can dance in two lines if you do not have enough room to stand side by side.
• Try to remain within view of PlayStation®Eye at all times.
• Check that nothing obstructs the view between the PlayStation Eye and the motion controller, as obstructions could affect your performance.
• Always hold the motion controller firmly in your right hand like a stick.
• Follow the on-screen dancer as if they are your reflection in a mirror.
• Copy the dancer’s movements as closely as possible – upper and lower body.
• Follow the dancer, follow the rhythm, and loosen up!
• When you’re more advanced and have learned the choreography, the pictograms will help you anticipate the step changes.
• You can connect a microphone or use the PlayStation Eye to sing along and gain a mojo bonus!

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