Hero locked again after UPLAY+ subscription expired


Why are the Heroes I unlocked in-game while subscribed to UPLAY+ no longer available to me?


Subscribing to UPLAY+ grants access to all premium For Honor content, including downloadable packs, expansions and reduced Hero unlock prices.

Once your subscription expires, your Edition will revert to the one you previously owned on your account.

If you own the Starter Edition, you will find that:
• the Hero you purchased will be locked again.
• you can unlock the Hero again for its Starter Edition price minus the amount you already paid.

For example, a player unlocks Nobushi for 500 Steel while UPLAY+ is active. The default Starter Edition price for Nobushi is 8000 Steel.
Once the subscription ends, the Edition will revert to the Starter Edition and Nobushi will be locked again.
He can then be purchased again for 7500 Steel (8000 Steel - 500 Steel already paid).

Features that are specifically part of the Marching Fire expansion - heroes from the Wu Lin faction as well as Arcade Mode - will also not be available unless you own the expansion.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

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