How do I create, replay and share challenges with others?


How do I create, replay and share challenges in Steep?


As you ride down the mountain, your trail is automatically saved by the game. This allows you to do all sorts of things, for example to replay and share a video of your ride or to create a challenge for your friends.

Displaying Trails:

When in Mountain View, you can display your trails of the day and select them to watch a replay or to spawn on them. Use D-Pad left or the X key on PC to display your trails. 

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Replaying a Trail:

Put your cursor on the exact point of the trail where you want to start your replay and open the Actions List by pressing Square/X/Space. Then select Replay full or from here to start the replay from your cursor’s position.

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There is another way to watch a replay. You can stop in the mountains and then press D- Pad right or the R key to watch a full replay of your last ride

Sharing a Trail:

Select the trail you would like to share with your friends by opening the Actions List. Then select Share to send the trail to your friends. You can only send one trail at a time but you can change your choice whenever you want.

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Creating a Trail Challenge:

In Mountain View, select the trail you want to push to your friends by opening the Actions List. You will see the different types of challenges you can create and select the one you want. This creates a new challenge in the mountain based on your performance. You can play it and keep improving the performance and as soon as you are fine with it, you can Dare your friends.

To do so, select the created challenge, open the Actions List and then select the Dare Friends action in order to send the selected challenge to your friends to challenge them in a competition. You can create as many challenges as you want but can only dare your friend on one single created challenge at a time. You can change your choice whenever you like.

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If you have any questions about this, feel free to get in touch with our support.

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