T-Bone Content Bundle


What is the T-Bone Content Bundle?


The T-Bone Content Bundle is the first DLC for Watch Dogs 2. It's available free to Season Pass owner on PS4 since the 20th of December 2016. Xbox One and PC Season Pass owners will be able to get that content from the 24th of January 2017.

The bundle includes:
- One complete T-Bone inspired Outfit,
- T-Bone truck, Bertha, available in the Car on Demand app,
- A new enemy type with upgraded weapon,
- A new Co-op difficulty mode, the Mayhem difficulty.

To unlock the content, you first need to complete the mission "A Walk In The Park". Once this is done:
To drive Bertha:
- From the phone menu, select the Car on Demand App,
- Head to the Heavy Vehicle section,
- From there, you can order your truck.

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To dress as stylishly as T-Bone:
- Head to a clothing shop and locate a fitting room,
- Once you are in the fitting room menu, select your Wardrobe,
- Select the Premium icon, where you'll find the different pieces of T-Bone's outfit.

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To enjoy the new Mayhem difficulty mode for Co-op missions:
- Open your phone and select the DedSec App
- Select any Co-op missions with the Mayhem tag - the description of the mission will mention No Respawn.
- You can also open the map and look for Co-op mission with the Mayhem difficulty level

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If you are unable to find the content, please make sure that the content is downloaded and installed. You can also find more information regarding the installation of content on PS4 on our dedicated article.

Of course, should you have any question regarding this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us

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