Location and Sequence of the Winterfest Trials and Duels


Where can I find the trials and duels of the Winterfest DLC?


The Winterfest DLC contains 16 new trials and 5 duels for you. However, not all of them are available from the start. The trials and duels need to be completed in sequence. The sequence begins with Sled Rodeo. If you would like to learn more about the location of the first trial, please have a look at this FAQ. Once you finish Sled Rodeo you unlock the next one. Beating the current trial or duel unlocks the next one on the list.

Completing four trials will allow you to progress to a duel. Once you beat a duel, you will get to the next set of four trials leading up to the next duel. Finishing a duel will be rewarded with a new costume.

This is the order in which the trials and duels need to be played: 

Trial: Sled Rodeo
Trial: Winterfest GP
Trial: Human Pachinko
Trial: Tongue Rider
Duel: Sumotori Sensei

Trial: Bob Sled
Trial: Another Day in Paraglide
Trial: Snow, Slope & Sun
Trial: Space Dunk
Duel: Pong Rider

Trial: Leap of Faith II
Trial: Flying Saucer
Trial: Sled of Steel
Trial: Balloon Hunter
Duel: Super Savoyard

Trial: Last Jumping Hero
Trial: Star Wingsuit
Trial: The Stylish Escape
Trial: Jura Sick Ride
Duel: Fest & Furios

Final Duel: The Throne

For some trials or duels the game will dress your rider in a specific outfit that is required to beat it. If you remove the outfit, you will receive a message prompting you to equip it. Here is an overview of the trials/duels that require specific outfits:

Sumotori sensei requires you to equip Winterfest Sumo Costume
Pong rider requires you to equip Winterfest Swimsuit Costume
Super Savoyard requires you to equip Super Winterfest Costume 
Jura Sick Ride requires you to equip Winterfest T-Rex Costume
Fest & Furious requires you to equip Winterfest Cardboard Car (which is a gadget item for Ski)

If you would like to find out how to equip these items in-game, please visit this FAQ

If you have trouble locating the content in-game, please check if it was downloaded and installed correctly on your PCPS4 or Xbox One. If the content still does not appear in-game, feel free to contact us!

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