Contents of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Steampunk Pack


What is included in the Steampunk Pack I unlocked for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle?


Once you unlocked your Steampunk Pack, for example by activating a Season Pass, you should be able to find the new content in-game. 
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For the Steampunk Pack, these are the items that are added to your game:
- Cranial Abrogator (Mario)
- Effectual Atomizer (Rabbid Luigi)
- Calamitous Coupe (Rabbid Peach)
- Jeopardous Jalopy (Luigi)
- Baleful Bad-Ender (Rabbid Mario)
- Defalcating Dandy (Peach)
- Exalted Entropic Eggs (Rabbid Yoshi)
- Direly Dulcet Doomsayer (Yoshi)

We put together detailed information on the Season Pass in a dedicated article - please have a look. 

Should you be unsure where to find the items included in the pack you unlocked in-game, please check out this article.

Finally, if you would like more information about sharing content on Nintendo Switch, feel free to visit this article.

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