How To Access Pre-Order Content

If you have activated a key for pre-order content in Ghost Recon Wildlands but the content is unavailable in-game, please make sure the content is installed correctly. 

Ensuring The Content Is Installed Correctly

Xbox One:
-Press the Xbox button on your controller to return to the Home screen. 
-Pull the right trigger to scroll down, and then press the A button to select My games & apps.
-Highlight the game for which you have an add-on, and then press the Menu button on your controller.
-Select Manage game.
-Scroll right to the Ready to Install section.
-Highlight the add-on or game content you want to install, and then press the A button on your controller.

-From the PS4 home screen, highlight the game that the content belongs to and then press down on the controller.
-On the left, select Playstation Store.
-Select Your Add-Ons and press X to see a complete list.
-Check if the content you are looking for appears here and is marked as installed.
-Sometimes, content that was purchased does not download and install automatically. In those cases, the download needs to be triggered manually. To do this go to the PS Store on your console and look for the item you want to install (e.g. DLC). Once you have located the content, click the button Download.
If the button displays a price instead of a download option, the item is not detected as purchased. If the item was purchased or should be included in your season pass, please contact PLAYSTATION SUPPORT.

Uplay PC: 
- Launch Uplay PC.
- In the menu on the top, click on Game.
- Find your game and click on its tile.
- Scroll down on this new page to find the Owned DLC section.
-Most of the extra content should download and install automatically, but if this is not the case, an Install button should appear next to the name of the content. Clicking on it will launch the download then installation.

- Launch Steam.
- Click on Library in the menu at the top.
- In the menu on the left, click on the game.
- Scroll down to find the DLC section.
-Next to the name of the content, you'll see a tick box. Ticking or unticking it will mark the content for download and installation. Note that you may need to tick/untick the box twice for the action to register properly and you may need to verify the game files.

If you have already completed these steps and are unable to locate your content, please click HERE to find the locations.

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