For Honor: Report a Player

We are committed to providing the best possible experience for all of our players. One very important aspect of this experience is to keep the game fair and make it a fun and safe environment for everyone.

To achieve this we actively monitor in-game activity and we appreciate your involvement. 

If you see players in  For Honor who break any of the rules outlined in our Code of Conduct, please report the player to our support team.

When you do so, please make sure you include evidence of the accusation. Videos, screenshots or any other information that identifies the player and highlights violations of the Code of Conduct will help us in our investigation. 

We do take all reports very seriously and will take action on every verified breach of the Code of Conduct. 

If you want to report cheating, please use this link to Contact Us. 

If you want to report an offensive emblem, please use this link to Contact Us.
If you want to report inappropriate behavior, please use this link to Contact Us.

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