Unlocking Ubisoft Connect Rewards on PlayStation 4

To unlock a Ubisoft Connect reward on PlayStation 4:
  1. Launch your game. 
  2. Open the Ubisoft Connect overlay from the main menu.
  3. Locate the reward you would like to unlock. 
  4. Select Unlock for.

Once the content has been successfully unlocked, it will become accessible to you through download or can be accessed directly within the game that the reward is for. 

Please note that you can also follow our guide on how to unlock rewards from the Ubisoft Connect website. However, unlocking Ubisoft Connect rewards may differ for games that were published before Watch Dogs: Legion. 
If you run into any complications with this process, please know that our Support team is here to help you along and get you back in the game. Reach out to us with information about which Ubisoft Connect reward you are referencing and we'd be happy to investigate this further with you. 

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