Year 2 Pass

1. What does the Year 2 Pass mean for owners of the original Season Pass?

Year 1 ends on November 30, 2016. Previous owners of the Season Pass will retain access to the operators it unlocked: The JTF-2 operators, Frost and Buck, the Navy SEALs operators, Valkyrie and Blackbeard, the BOPE operators, Caveira and Capitão, and the SAT operators, Echo and Hibana. They will also retain access to IQ's Commando 552 "Porter" skin and the Safari Bundle, which includes the Leopard, Zebra, Snake, Tiger, and Gold weapon skins.
However, VIP access for Season Pass ends at that time. 

2. What is included in the Year 2 Pass?

  • 8 new Year 2 operators across 4 Seasons (Upcoming)
  • 8 exclusive headgears across 4 Seasons (Upcoming)
  • 8 unique uniforms across 4 Seasons (Upcoming)
  • R6 Carbon charm 
  • 600 R6 Credits
  • For owners of the original Season Pass, 600 bonus R6 Credits
  • Year 2 VIP Access, which lasts until Feb 7th, 2018

3. What is included in Year 2 VIP Access?

  • 7-day early access and instant unlock of each season's 2 new Operators, for a total of 8 Operators throughout Year 2.
  • 10% discount for the in-game shop
  • 5% Renown boost to unlock in-game content faster
  • 2 extra daily challenges

4. What if I missed out on the original Season Pass?

If you missed out on the original Season Pass, you can now unlock all 8 of the original Year 1 Operators with the new Legacy Operator Bundle. This bundle instantly unlocks Buck, Frost, Blackbeard, Valkyrie, Capitao, Caveira, Hibana and Echo. Find the Legacy Operator Bundle available now at the in-game shop for 2400 R6 Credits.

5. I'm new to the game but I want bonus content! What should I do?

For players who are just getting into the action, Rainbow Six Siege will have two new options:
  • Year 2 Gold Edition comes with the full game and the Year 2 pass
  • Complete Edition comes with the full game, the Year 2 pass, and the Legacy Operator Bundle

6. What Year 2 Pass content has been released already?

With the launch of Operation Velvet Shell, new operators Jackal and Mira have been released, along with one unique headgear and one unique uniform each. Jackal and Mira are free to Year 2 Pass holders, but available for purchase to everyone else. The headgear and uniforms are exclusive to Year 2 Pass owners! 

7. Will I be able to share my Season Pass with other users? 
Season Pass is not eligible for content sharing on PS4. This unlockable content is bound to the primary account and cannot be shared with any other account.
For Xbox One users, all Year 2 Operators are shareable between users on the same console. All other content is not eligible for sharing on the Xbox One.

We'll update this page as more exciting content is released for Year 2 Pass owners. Thank you for your interest in Rainbow Six: Siege!

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