Human Conditions DLC

The Human Conditions DLC introduces three new stories, new elite Co-Op Challenges, and a new enemy type (Jammer) to Watch Dogs 2.

The 3 new DedSec Operations will be unlocked individually as you progress in the main game. 

You will discover them organically, just like operations from the main game!  

-    Caustic Progress will be unlocked once the Hacker Wars mission has been completed.
-    Bad Medicine will be unlocked once the W4Tched, Eye for an Eye and Hacker Wars missions have all been completed. 
-    Automata will be unlocked once the Limp Nudle mission has been completed. 

Of course, if you have already completed the main game, all missions will be available to you once you have downloaded Human Conditions!

You can find the new missions in the DedSec App on the in-game phone.

*Available for PS4 on Feb. 21, 2017
*Available for Xbox One and PC on March 23, 2017

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