Crafting in The Division 2

To start crafting items, you will need to gather two things:

Those can be discovered through a multitude of activities such as weekly projects, defeating control points, purchasing them directly from vendors, etc.

Those can be scavenged, found at control points, living world activities, projects and boss loot.
Deconstructing unwanted equipment is also an effective way to acquire base materials.

Crafting is a great way to discover new playstyles and acquire higher quality items before they drop naturally in the open world, or fill out equipment slots that are lagging behind in power. It is also the main way for you to get your hands on weapon mods
All items can be crafted through the Crafting Station located in the Base of Operations.  
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Select the item you wish to craft in the right gear category to get started - you can navigate the categories by pressing the corresponding key/control. 
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If you do not have all the necessary components to craft your item, a notification will be displayed. You can also check which resources are missing by looking at the Materials required
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Once you craft an item, you will see a pop-up with the item description and list of its randomly generated attributes.

To make sure you can always craft items above your current power level, the Crafting Station scales with your character level and world progress.

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