Recalibration Library in The Division 2

The Recalibration Library is where you can view and extract stats from items in your inventory. 
Once you have extracted a stat, you can recalibrate a piece of equipment with the stat you now have in your Recalibration Library. 
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You can access the Recalibration Library from the Recalibration Station, is unlocked in the Base of Operations or Haven after completing the third mission of the Campus settlement.

To extract a stat:
•  Open the Recalibration Station.
•  Select the Recalibration Library tile.
•  Choose which category you want to extract a stat from.
A green arrow will be displayed on tiles which have items available to extraction.
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•  Select which type of stat you want to extract (core attribute, attribute or talent). 
•  Choose the item you want to extract the stat from.
•  Hold the Extract Internal button to complete the process. 
Please note, when you extract a stat from an item in your inventory, this item will be destroyed during the process. 

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