Activating and installing games on the Oculus desktop application

You can redeem and manage games for your Oculus Rift and Rift S headset through the Oculus desktop application or the mobile app.
Please note that if you have an Oculus Quest or Go, you will need to use the mobile app to activate your games.
To get started:
• Make sure Ubisoft Connect is closed.
Check your system tray to make sure the client is fully closed.
• Install the Oculus desktop application.
If you do not already have an Oculus account, launch the application and select Create a new account.
• Launch the application.
Within the application, you will have the option to activate and install games.
To activate your game:
• Sign in to your Oculus account.
• Select Settings from the menu bar on the left-hand side.
• Choose Redeem Code from your account settings.
• Enter your activation key, then select Redeem.
• After successfully redeeming the key, you will have the option to Install Now or Install Later.
Selecting Install Now will begin installing the game in your library.
Selecting Install Later will move the game to the Not Installed section of your Library tab.
Please note that if you have purchased your game digitally on the Oculus store, you do not need to activate it. You can skip straight to installing your game.
To install your game:
• Select your game to begin downloading it.
• Once the game is downloaded, select it to launch it.
You should receive a prompt to log in to your Ubisoft account.
• Type in your login details, then select Log In.
• Your game is now activated on both your Oculus and Ubisoft accounts.
You should be able to now find the game in both your Oculus desktop application and Ubisoft Connect game library. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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