Gameplay FAQ

How do I progress in the game?
Tap anywhere on the screen to proceed to the next dialogue box and progress in the story. Whenever you make a decision, you will consume energy points.

How do I make a decision?
To make a decision, simply tap and hold on the option you have selected. There is no time limit on decisions, so take as much time as you need to choose! 

How can I view the different story locations?
When you are not in active dialogue with another character, you may tap and drag left or right to explore the background on the screen. Take advantage of such moments to admire the beauty of Paris!

How can I access the Menu?
Tap the icon on the upper left of your screen. When you tap this icon, the game will be paused and you may access the different menu options.

What are Souvenirs?
Souvenirs are exclusive artworks that show memorable moments with a specific character. You unlock Souvenirs via decisions that require you to have a good relationship with said character. Complete your Souvenir Collection to get a free energy bonus.

How do I unlock Souvenirs?
You unlock Souvenirs  by building a good relationship with the characters (this depends on your previous decisions). If you don't have the requisite affinity level to unlock a Souvenir with a specific character, you can attempt to unlock it in an alternate saved session by making different decisions. 

What happens when I have completed a collection of Souvenirs?
You can complete a collection of Souvenirs for each Episode. When you complete a collection, you win an energy bonus!

Are there different plotlines in-game?
There are many different side stories in City of Love: Paris. The side stories you access will depend on the decisions you make and the relationships you favor. The main plot is the same for all players, but your decisions will impact your relationships and the way in which the story unfolds!

Can I replay an episode?
You can replay the story from the beginning for each save slot you have. However, it is not possible to replay one single episode. Replaying the entire game from scratch enables you to make different decisions, discover new stories and unlock new Souvenirs.

What can I do if I've made the wrong decision?
There are no bad decisions in City of Love: Paris! Each decision simply leads to a different story experience. Once you have made a decision, it is not possible to change your mind. However, you can replay the game in alternate saved sessions to explore different story experiences.

I haven't unlocked all of the Souvenirs in the episode I'm playing. What can I do?
You unlock Souvenirs by making decisions that affect your relationships with characters. If you don't succeed in unlocking a Souvenir with a specific character, try altering your decisions in a different saved session to improve your relationship with that character. Once you reach the requisite affinity level with a character, you will be able to unlock their associated Souvenirs. 

What are Achievements?
Achievements are unlocked when you perform specific actions. They appear on your Game Center (iOS) or Game Services (Android).

What are Collection items?
In City of Love: Paris, you can complete a collection of Souvenirs for each episode. And you'll not only have a great set of artworks when you complete a Collection, you'll receive an energy bonus too! 

Can I cancel my last decision?
You can't cancel your latest decision, but you can replay the game on an alternate saved session to create a different story experience. 

Are there different types of decisions?
Some decisions have greater consequences than others. For example, some decisions will change the relationship you have with certain characters. You'll be able to recognize these decisions very quickly!

Why does my screen change at certain decision points?
Has your screen zoomed in on the character with whom you are speaking? Do you hear a heartbeat sound effect?  If so, you are at a turning point in the story and you must choose the way in which it will progress. 

How can I get more Energy?
There are many ways to obtain Energy in City of Love: Paris:
- Your energy bar refills automatically at 8pm.
- You can buy Energy in the SHOP section. 
- You can complete your Souvenir collection for each Episode.

How do I buy more Energy?
You can buy Energy:
- By going to the SHOP section directly and selecting a specific pack of energy to purchase.
- When you're out of energy, a pop-up will appear and remind you that you can purchase packs of energy.

Can I increase my Energy maximum?
No, the Energy maximum will always be capped at the same level.

Can I see my character?

Can I customize my character?
No, you can't customize your character.

How do I build personal relationships with the characters?
Some decisions will alter your relationships with the characters. These decision types can also impact the course of the story. It is possible to see your relationship with a specific character evolve in real time: the character will seem happy or unhappy and a text will be shown to confirm their reaction. 
Souvenirs can be unlocked by establishing a good relationship with characters.

Can I change my character's name?
You can't change your character's name once you have started playing, but you can start another story session in an alternate slot to change his/her name!

How do I get my daily energy?
Each day you connect to the game you receive your daily energy refill of 100 energy with the Loyalty Club. 

What is the Loyalty Club?
With the Loyalty Club, each day you connect to the game, you receive your daily refill and a case is stamped. After 5 stamped cases, you receive your 100 daily energy and a bonus of 100 energy.
When ten case are stamped, you receive 120 bonus energy and so on... The more you play the more bonus energy you get!

What are Special Episodes?
Special Episodes are energy-free adventures that let you discover a new side of the City of Love! 
They are accessible on the main loading page. You can unlock them by spending diamonds and you can play them as much as you want!

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