Requesting a Return for a Physical Product

All orders of physical products through the Ubisoft Store are returnable within 30 days of the original delivery day, unless otherwise specified. Afterward, a return is not possible.

Returned items must be in their original condition, including all packaging, tags, booklets, and labels.

For clothing and accessories, all items must be in their original condition upon return. This means unwashed, unworn (except to try on), and devoid of imperfections such as dirt or animal hair.

For toys, games, and collectibles, the item must return to our processing center in the original packaging, including all the assets. They need to be unused and unmodified (e.g: plastic wrap on games).

A return can only be granted for products returned successfully with the above criteria met.

Please do not include additional items that have not received explicit approval for return. Doing so will complicate the return process and result in a delay in resolution. 

When requesting a return, please contact our support team and provide the following:
- Photos of the front, back, and sides of the item (unfolded, outside of original packaging, if applicable)
- Photos of the packaging itself (if applicable)
Items under our Clearance Policy are ineligible for returns or refunds (except in specific cases).

Please note that Customer Service reserves the right to apply a restocking fee if the order returns incomplete or in poor condition.

Video Games, Merchandise, and Sealed Collectibles become ineligible for return once opened. 

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