Where to find your weapons, armor,mounts and other items in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Your gear items such as ranged and melee weapons, outfits, shields and pieces of armor as well as other items such as trinkets and quest items are managed in the Inventory menu of the game. 

The Inventory screen displays the items you have currently equipped. A little yellow marker will appear next to an item slot when you have new items of the corresponding kind. 
Inventory screen

To equip a different item, click on the corresponding slot. This will show you all items of that type that are available to you (because you collected or purchased them before). You can equip an item from there or click to compare items with the one that you have equipped. This will display the stats and values of both items next to each other. 
From the Inventory screen you can also access the list of Engravings. Click on this button to open it: 
Engravings button

The browse bag will contain all quest items and trinkets. Click on this button to open it: 
Browse bag button

Your character's damage, armor and health stats will be shown at the bottom of the screen. They depend on the gear your characters is currently using. 

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