About the PTS

If you have purchased the Division on Steam or Ubisoft Connect, you will notice you also had the PTS added to your account library.

The PTS (or Public Test Server) is used to test major updates with the community before we release them to the general public. Test phases will occur before major patches and content releases and it's an opportunity for us to get your feedback and refine the update before it hits our Live Server.

Please feel free to give us as much feedback as possible if you decide to join us on the PTS!

If you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to consult the following articles:
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When is the next testing phase and where can I find the patch notes?
Is the PTS available on PS4 and Xbox One?
I'm getting the error Delta C-1-200 when trying to access the PTS. What does this mean?
For more information about the PTS, check out this forum post

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