Aim assist in Far Cry New Dawn

Yes! The game offers standard aiming assists for controller gameplay, as well as universal driving and shooting aim assists.

Both assists are enabled by default.

To disable aiming assists:
- Enter Options from the main menu.
- Select Gamepad.
- Navigate to General.
- Toggle the Aiming Assists setting to Off.
"Gamepad" menu showing the Aiming Assists setting highlighted and set to "Off"

To disable driving and shooting aim assist:
- Enter Options from the main menu.
- Select Gamepad.
- Navigate to Vehicles.
- Toggle the Driving & Shooting Aim Assist setting to Off.
"Vehicles" tab in the "Gamepad" menu highlighting the "Driving & Shooting Assist" setting set to "Off"
You can reset the settings in this category to default using the Reset category option displayed in the bottom right of your screen.

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