Sanctioning Ubisoft Connect Avatars

Any Ubisoft Connect avatar found to be in breach of our Terms of Use will be removed.
Our Content Standards section states:
In relation to the Services, you may not:
a. create, use, share and/or publish by any means (forum, public profile or other) any material (text, words, images, sounds, videos, etc.) or Content which, in UBISOFT’s sole opinion, is unlawful, aggressive, threatening, malicious, defamatory, untruthful, pornographic, paedophilic, obscene, vulgar, racist, xenophobic, liable to incite hatred, sexually explicit, insulting, violent, contrary to morality or in any other way unacceptable;

Additionally, you can only show the image of a minor if their parents also appear in the image. The image must also respect the other conditions listed in the Content Standards portion of our Terms of Use as well.

So, in summary, we do not allow imagery that: 
  • Condones terrorism
  • Condones fascism
  • Displays child abuse
  • Is in any way religious, or political 
  • Is prone to creating controversy or division
  • Contains a minor unaccompanied by their parent(s)

If we find that your Ubisoft Connect avatar goes against our Terms of Use for imagery within the Connect ecosystem, your custom image will be removed and you will no longer be allowed to upload personalized avatars to your account. If you are in a situation where your Connect avatar has been sanctioned by our team, you can still select an avatar from our gallery of preset images to represent your account. 

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