Arcade Mode in For Honor

With the release of the Marching Fire update, owners of the Marching Fire Expansion will be able to face off against AI foes in unique, randomly generated scenarios available in Arcade Mode.

Completing PvE quests in Arcade Mode will help you level up the gear score and Reputation level of your Hero, so you can use it as a preparation for your PvP endeavors.
Arcade Mode image showing the random modifier distribution

You can select one of five difficulty levels for each encounter:

- Common
- Rare
- Heroic
- Epic
- Legendary

Although each difficulty level corresponds to the recommended gear score, you are not limited to which level you select.

This means you can face Legendary foes while wearing Rare gear or obliterate a Common opponent while donning Legendary armor.

At the start of every combat chapter, you and your opponent will be assigned random modifiers - those can be positive or negative and may swing the battle in your favor!
Arcade Mode image showing the random modifier distribution

Facing increasingly more difficult enemies can be daunting even for the most seasoned Heroes. This is why owners of the Expansion can invite their friends to join them on the battlefield - even if that friend does not own Marching Fire!

Simply accept a quest and invite your ally to your party.

If you would like to know more about the Marching Fire update, please visit our official For Honor website HERE or reach out to us!

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