Seasons in For Honor

As the War of Factions rages on, the Heroes continue to find stronger allies and develop new strategies to defeat their foes.

Select the Season you are interested in to find out more about the changes and features it introduced:
Shadow and Might (Season 2)
Grudge and Glory (Season 3)
Order and Havoc (Season 4)
Age of Wolves (Season 5)
Hero's March (Season 6)
Storm and Fury (Season 7)
• Marching Fire (Season 8)
Vortiger (Season 9)
Sakura (Season 10)
Hulda (Season 11)
Sun Da (Season 12)
• Hope (Season 13)
• Tyranny (Season 14)
• Resistance (Season 15)
• Mayhem (Season 16)

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