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Where can I purchase cubes, DNA, Helix, Resources?
Tap the SHOP icon of the menu at the bottom of the screen (not available during missions).

What are the different currencies/resources, what are they useful for?
• Helix - buy multiple other currencies, resources, DNA or Items cubes, and speed-up timers
• Rift Tokens - used to play Rift missions
• Coins - build/upgrade rooms, craft Gear Items, train/promote Assassins, and buy items in the SHOP
• Brotherhood XP - automatically raise your Brotherhood Level. 
• DNA Fragments - Recruit and Promote Assassins
• Intel Pieces - used to play missions
• Training Codex - Level Up your Assassins in the Training Room
• Crafting Material - craft Gear Items in the Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, or Workshop
• Wood - build/upgrade rooms in your HQ
• Stones - upgrade rooms in your HQ

How can I build a room in my HQ?
Tap on the BUILD icon of the menu at the bottom of the screen when viewing your HQ or on an empty room to see a list of potential rooms you can build. Building a room requires Wood and Coins.

How to upgrade a room in my HQ?
Tap on the room you want to upgrade, then tap on the UPGRADE icon. Upgrading a room will increase its efficiency and potentially the number of Assassins you can assign to it. Upgrading a room might require Wood, Stones, and Coins.

What are the different types of room I can build?
• Apothecary: craft medicine
• Armorsmith: craft Armors
• Ceremony room: promote Assassins
• Intelligence room: generate Intel
• Library: generate Codex
• Living Quarters: automatically regenerate your Assassins' Health
• Storage room: allows you to keep more Gear Items and crafting material
• Supply room: send your assassins on supply runs to get Wood and Stones
• Training room: level up your assassins
• Treasury: generate Coins
• Weaponsmith: craft Weapons
• Workshop: craft Accessories

How to Recruit a Hero?
You Recruit Assassins by accumulating enough of their DNA, then you can recruit them by tapping on the HEROES icon of the menu at the bottom of the screen (not available during missions). When a Hero is ready to be recruited, just tap on them and they will automatically be added to your roster.

What are the different classes of Assassins?
• Enforcers - specialize in direct melee combat and they can deal/sustain a lot of damage.
• Shadows - specialize in stealth approach and avoiding direct combat.
• Specialists - have varied skills that support their teammates on missions.

What are the different Role Specializations?
• Assassination
• Stealth
• Navigation
• Disarm
• Support 
• Heal
• AOE (Area Of Effect)
• DPS  (Damage Per Second)
• Tank 

What does the color/rarity of my Hero mean?
The rarity of your Assassins is represented by the color of their class icon (grey > blue > purple > gold). Rarity determines the rate at which your hero’s stats progress and the potency of their skills. Assassins with a higher rarity tend to be more useful and powerful as they level up, but are more difficult to come by.

What are the different Stats?
• Health - Determines a Hero’s total capacity to receive damage before being placed out of commission.
• Attack - Influences the amount of damage done when attacking.
• Defense - Reduces the amount of damage received from attacks.
• Dexterity - Influences the Hero’s efficiency when Disarming Traps, Lockpicking and Stealth. 
• Agility - Determines the chances of success when Navigating the environment and using special Freerunning skills.
• Lethality - Influence the Hero’s efficiency in the art of Assassination.

• Crafting - Reduces the time required for crafting gear items (Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, and Workshop).
• Learning - Reduces the time required to train the hero (Training Room).
• Production - Reduces the time needed for production (Apothecary, Intel Room, Library, Supply Room, and Treasury).

I want to level up my Hero, what should I do?
To level up a Hero, assign the Hero to the Training Room, then select the number of Codex you wish to use.
Training costs Codex, Coins, and takes time. You can tap on the timer to stop the process or bypass the waiting period by using Helix.

My hero is ready to be Promoted, where should I go?
To promote a Hero, assign the Hero ready to be Promoted to the Ceremony Room, then assign the required number of other Assassins participating in the ceremony. 
Promoting a Hero costs Coins and takes time. You can tap on the timer to bypass the waiting period by using Helix.

How can I craft Gear Items (Weapons, Armors, Accessories)?
To craft Gear Items, assign a Hero to one of the crafting rooms (Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, or Workshop) and select the Gear Item you wish to create.
Crafting a Gear Item costs Coins, consumes crafting material, might require another Gear Item, and takes time. You can tap on the timer to stop the process or bypass the waiting period by using Helix.

How to equip a Gear Item (Weapon, Armor, Accessory)?
To equip a Gear Item, tap on the HEROES icon of the menu at the bottom of your screen (not available during missions) and select the Hero to which you wish to equip the item. Tap on the GEAR tab and select the slot appropriate for the type of Gear Item you want to equip to see a list of all items available.

What are the different types of missions?
• Story Missions: Progress through the story, allow to build new rooms in your Villa, unlock new regions, and earn multiple rewards
• Standard Missions: Earn codex for training
• Loot Missions: Earn consumables used to craft Gear items
• Legacy Missions: Cost Intel and allow you to earn DNA to unlock/promote assassins
• Rift Missions: Special type of missions only accessible during Helix Rift Events and Helix Rift Challenges

What is Rush Mode and how can I Rush a mission?
Rush Mode allows you to send a team of Heroes on a mission and instantly claim its rewards! You can only Rush a mission you have previously completed and for which you have earned 3 Stars. 
To Rush, you need to fill the Power and Class requirements of the mission by selecting a team of three fully healed Heroes. Once the Rush mission completed, your Heroes will sacrifice a small amount of Health and you will earn the mission's rewards instantly!

How can I access the Helix Rift Events, Helix Rift Challenges, Animus Challenge, or Animus Boost?
You can access them through the Event button on the HQ and Map.
• Animus Challenges require you to be at least Brotherhood Level 6
• Helix Rift Events and Helix Rift Challenges require your to be at least Brotherhood Level 7
• Animus Boosts require you to be at least Brotherhood Level 8

What are Sync Bonus Heroes?
You will get more Data Nodes from playing Helix Rift missions when using Bonus Sync Heroes of the specific Helix Rift Event or Helix Rift Challenge.

The base Sync Bonus of a particular Hero is determined by their Rarity and increases as they reach a higher Rank.

How does the Daily Login Rewards calendar work?
The Daily Login Rewards are set on a monthly rolling calendar. It resets on the 1st day of each month. In case players are unable to log-in every day to claim their reward, each Daily Rewards calendar has a few "buffer" days, so the number of rewards is not reflective of the actual number of days in each month.

The calendar resets at the same time for all players, even if you have not collected all of the rewards.

How can I earn Database Credits and how do they work? 
When your Hero is ranked to 5 stars, you can start collecting excess DNA Fragments.

For each additional DNA Fragment you have, you can convert them for Database Credits in the Shop or by selecting the Hero.

1 Common DNA Fragment = 40 Database Credits,  1 Rare DNA Fragment = 60 Database Credits, 1 Epic DNA Fragment = 80 Database Credits, and 1 Legendary DNA Fragment = 100 Database Credits. You can use Database Credits to purchase DNA Fragments for other Heros in the Daily Selection of the Shop. 

What will happen to my LEVEL UP Daily Objective when I have trained all of my Heroes to the maximum level?
Once you have trained all of your Heroes to the maximum level, LEVEL UP will be removed from your Daily Objectives, so it will no longer be a requirement to complete all objectives. 

How many free cubes can I unlock per day?
4 cubes can be unlocked within a 24 hour period.

What are five-star Crafting Materials and how can I get them?
These Crafting Materials can be earned as 'possible rewards' within Region 5 Story and Loot missions.

Although not guaranteed, you have a chance to receive them by successfully completing a region 5 story mission or successfully completing a region 5 Loot mission in both rush and play mode.

You can also get a chance to earn them as a reward in Helix Rift Events and Helix Rift Challenges.

What is the Elite Training Room and how do I use it?
The Elite Training Room allows you to selectively increase individual combat stats and special stats of your Heroes.

You can build the Elite Training room at Brotherhood level 40. You can upgrade the room at Brotherhood levels 44 and 49. 

What are the two types of five-star Gear Items and how do they work?
Role-specific Gear Items can only be equipped by Rank 5 Heroes specializing in the designated role (Navigation, Stealth, etc.). They require five-star special Materials like (Obsidian, Amber, etc.) and other five-star Materials to craft.

Legendary Gear Items can only be equipped by Aguilar and select Legendary Heroes at Rank 5. They require Ancient Tablets and other five-star Materials to craft.

Not all Heroes will have a role-specific or Legendary Gear Item to equip. More will be added to the game in the future!

What is a Brotherhood level and how does it work?
Your Brotherhood level increases automatically as you gain Brotherhood XP by successfully completing missions. The current cap is Brotherhood level 50.

What are difficulty tiers in Helix Rift Events & Helix Rift Challenges and how do they work?
There are five difficulty tiers: 
Novice - Unlocked at Brotherhood level 7
Adept - Unlocked at Brotherhood level 13
Expert - Unlocked at Brotherhood level 29
Master - Unlocked at Brotherhood level 37
Grandmaster - Unlocked at Brotherhood level 45

Each tier increases in power score team requirements. The higher the tier, the more Data Nodes are awarded for that mission.

If you complete all missions with three stars on any difficulty tier, the next tier up unlocks automatically even if you do not meet the Brotherhood level requirements.

Can I sell my items?
To sell items, tap More (bottom left corner) > Inventory > Sell Mode (bottom right corner).

This will allow you to sell Gear Items (Weapons, Armor, Accessories), Codex, Materials, and Potions to gain Coins. 

Why is there a “?” icon when I upgrade a crafting room to the maximum level?
When upgrading the Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, or Workshop to the maximum level, the grey icon you see under “craft available” is a general Gear Item place-holder icon to show that there will be more added to the game in the future.

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