Troubleshooting cropped screen issues in The Crew 2


Xbox One players

If you play on Xbox One, you can try to the following to adjust your TV settings:

- Press Xbox button to access the main menu of your Xbox One
- Once you have access to the guide, move to the right and select System
- Next, select Settings, then Display & Sound
- You should now select the option for Video Output
- Move right to Setup section and select the option to Calibrate TV

You can now use the on-screen guide to adjust your TV settings for the best possible display for your Xbox One.

PS4 players

PS4 owners may also try experimenting with some of the display options on their console. Please try changing the Display Area setting or the other Video Ouput Settings

If this doesn't alleviate the issue, it's possible that your screen isn't set up correctly to display the game. Changing your TV / screen settings may correct the situation. 

The exact steps will depend on the brand and model of your screen or TV, but please try different:

- Aspect ratio settings
- Display area settings
- Overscan settings
Some screens also have a Zoom feature that, if enabled, could cause the screen to be cropped.

If you are unsure how to do this, please consult your screen's manual or manufacturer.

These steps should allow you to display the full game screen.

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