Create and play maps with Far Cry Arcade

Far Cry Arcade allows you to experience more multiplayer action and wreak havoc in Far Cry 5! Create, share and play on maps created by the community for the community.

The in-game map editor offers more than 9,000 different objects from Far Cry 5 and other Ubisoft games to build any kind of map you like. You can also make settings for weather, terrain, water, time of the day and much more. 

You can create maps for six game modes in total that can accommodate up to 12 players: 

Game modes
Assault: In Assault, the objective is to eliminate all enemies on the map.
Outpost: Similarly to Assault, the aim is to eliminate all enemies in the map. But the introduction of the alarm post object adds some more requirements to your map creation.
Journey: The objective in Journey is to simply reach the exit from your starting location.
Bounty Hunt: In Bounty Hunt maps, you must eliminate a specific target enemy (or multiple target enemies) before reaching the exit.
Deathmatch: Deathmatch is a no-nonsense free-for-all with a simple goal: kill more players than everybody else within the given time limit. Reaching the score sooner will end the match early. 
Team Deathmatch: Team Deathmatch is a classic team-based battle. Two teams of up to 6 players each compete to rack up the most kills in the time limit.

Player capacity
Solo maps, 2-player co-op maps, multiplayer maps for up to 12 players

You have two ways to access the Arcade in-game: through the menu or in the game world. Please note that you first need to finish the tutorial sequence in-game (liberate the Radio Tower in Dutch's Region) before you can play Arcade and co-op modes. 

Open the game menu while playing and navigate to the Online tab. Click on the Far Cry Arcade tile to open the Arcade. Alternatively, open the main menu and click on Arcade.
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You can also open the Arcade from the main menu or by using the Arcade machines that you will find in various places in the game world.
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In the Arcade, you can either play Arcade modes (Open Arcade) or start the map editor to create your own maps (Arcade Editor). 

For players who want to learn more about how to create maps and what to consider when they do, we put together a comprehensive guide for each platform:
You can easily browse the maps you created, or maps created by others, on the Far Cry Arcade website. More information on how to use the website in this FAQ!

On PC, user created maps will be saved in the following directory: Documents/My Games/Far Cry 5/User Maps

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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