Redeeming your exclusive Far Cry 5 rewards in Far Cry New Dawn

Returning Far Cry 5 players will have the opportunity to claim an exclusive outfit and weapon to take with them into the post-apocalyptic fields of Far Cry New Dawn.

To make sure you are eligible, complete the following objectives:
Dark background. One feminine and one masculine looking person wearing a green Rook jacket.
Activate the radio tower on Dutch's island to receive the exclusive Deputy outfit.
This FC5 Ubisoft Connect Challenge is also called "The Spark".

Dark background. A golden, patterned shotgun with wooden accents.
"Sin Eater" D2
Finish Far Cry 5 on any difficulty to get your hands on this unique, Eden's Gate-themed shotgun.
This FC5 Ubisoft Connect Challenge is also called "Together Forever".
Once you have satisfied the above requirements, simply head over to the Ubisoft Connect website and claim your rewards.

Please note that the rewards are cross-platform compatible.
You can find more information about Far Cry New Dawn on the game's official website!

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