Content of Assassin's Creed: Origins ULCs

Once you unlock your ULC, for example by redeeming a code on your platform, you should be able to find the new content in-game.

Depending on the ULC you unlocked, these are the items that are added to your game:

Deluxe Pack 
- Ambush at Sea (quest)
- Desert Cobra Pack
- 3 Ability Points

Desert Cobra Pack
- Outfit Desert Cobra
- Sickle Sword The Fang
- Blunt weapon Eye of Apep
- Shield Snakes on a Shield
- Horse Fangs

Mercenary Pack
- Sword  Espasa
- Shotgun Bow Swift Branch
- Shield Auxiliary Shield

Tribal Pack
- Blunt  weapon The Head Cracker
- Scepter The Ritual
- Shield Savanna
- Horse Mut Herti

Twitch Pack
- Immortal Sword (Rare Sword)
- Adamant Reed (Rare Speer)
- Quagga (Rare Predator Bow)
- Twitch Mount
- Aguilar Outfit
- Drachma Pouch (Currency)

Season Pass
We put together detailed information on the Season Pass in a dedicated article - please have a look.  

If you would like to find out which pack comes with your edition of Assassin's Creed: Origins, please visit our FAQ on the available editions or the official Ubisoft Store

Should you be unsure where to find the items included in the pack you unlocked in-game, please visit this FAQ.

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