Player abilities in Assassin's Creed: Origins

Assassin's Creed: Origins changes the way abilities are managed compared to previous games of the series. You will now be able to unlock abilities with ability points that you accumulate with levels and experience in-game.

The ability tree is made up of three sections: Hunter, Warrior, and Seer. Each of the sections focuses on a different aspect of the gameplay, allowing you to customise your character to match your playstyle.

The further away the abilities are from the starting point in the middle, the more skill points are needed to unlock them. The final ability of each section (Hunter, Warrior, or Seer) can be unlocked several times - the effects will stack up for each time the ability is unlocked. Some abilities require other abilities to be unlocked first before they become available. Abilities that can be unlocked are highlighted in white, the others are greyed out. 

Your available ability points are displayed in the middle of the Ability screen, your level underneath. 

To get to the Abilities screen, simply open the menu while you are playing and navigate to the tab Abilities.
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