I cannot find my content in Assassin's Creed: Origins

If you redeemed bonus content such as Season PassDeluxe Pack, or pre-order bonus but the game seems to be missing the corresponding items, there are a few things you can do to investigate and fix the situation: 

1. Please make sure you redeemed your content successfully. Double check you entered your codes in the right place: 
Monster Energy
Season Pass, Deluxe Pack and other content packs
Redeeming in-game

2. If the items are missing in-game, please check if you may need to download and install them manually. The process depends on whether you are on PC (Ubisoft Connect and Steam)PS4, or Xbox One

3. Double check if the items are available to you in-game. Here is some information to help you do that: 
To find out what content your edition should include, visit this FAQ
To get more details about the content of your ULC, have a look at this FAQ
To check the contents of the Season Pass, go to this FAQ.
For information on where to find the items in-game, consult this FAQ

Also, here is some separate information on the Calamity BladeSecrets of the First Pyramids, and Ambush at Sea.

Please note that the Secrets of the First Pyramids content is activated with the Season Pass that comes packaged with the Steelbook Edition.

If the items you should have received are still not available in-game after these three steps, please contact us with the following information: 
What edition did you purchase?
Which pack or bonus content did you redeem? 
What content is missing? 

Please attach a copy or an image of your purchase receipt to your ticket as well as screenshots illustrating which items are missing. We'll be happy to investigate for you! 

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