What Are Challenges?

The Challenges are a new feature in Just Dance 2018. After completing one challenge, you'll earn Mojosallowing you to unlock items through the Gift Machine
The Blue Challenges can only be completed once in the game's lifetime. As soon as a Blue Challenge is completed, another one will pop up. When all Blue Challenges are completed, this pool will be replaced by another pool of Orange ChallengesBlue Challenges will give you 50 Mojos.

You can usually complete Orange Challenges in Just DanceSweat, and World Dance Floor modes. Unlocking Blue Challenges will allow you to discover new Orange Challenges.

The Gold Challenges are only for Just Dance Unlimited subscribers. These challenges are mostly identical to Orange Challenges but they have to be done on Just Dance Unlimited songs. 

The value of each challenge depends on its level of difficulty. There are 3 values: 50, 100 or 200 Mojos

After every launch of the game, a recap screen will appear showing your ongoing challenges.

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