2-Step Verification Recovery Codes

Recovery Codes Defined 

Recovery codes are unique, on-use codes that are generated as part of the 2-Step Verification process. If you lose access to the mobile device or email address that you've established 2-Step Verification on, you can use one of your recovery codes in place of the code that would have otherwise been generated by the authenticator to access your account. 

Recovery Codes Are Lost 

If you no longer have access to the recovery codes you were provided upon setting up the 2-Step Verification feature, the feature will need to be deactivated and re-established so new codes can be generated and provided to you. 

While Support can assist you in the deactivation of the 2-Step Verification feature on your Ubisoft account, and guide you through the steps required to re-establish this feature on your account, our Support representatives do not have the ability to see or provide you with the recovery codes associated with your personal authenticator. 

Storing Recovery Codes

Since recovery codes are only displayed one time, and only when the 2-Step Verification feature is established, it's important to note that you must store these codes in a secure and easily accessible space for later use. We recommend that recovery codes are stored on a device that was not used to establish the feature so they are not lost should you ever lose or lose access to that device. 

To capture your recovery codes for storage: 
  • Print the codes and store a physical copy of them 
  • Take a screenshot of the codes that are provided

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