Missing additional Far Cry New Dawn content

If you redeemed additional content, like the pre-order bonus or any of the unlockable content packs, but the corresponding items seem to be missing in-game, please ensure:

Content was included in your edition
The additional content available in each edition may vary.

Content was redeemed correctly
The redemption flow for individual pieces of content may vary.

Content has been downloaded and installed
Some pieces of content may need to be downloaded and installed manually.

Content is not accessible in-game
Certain consumables, weapons or vehicles need to be accessed from specific menus in-game.

Once you confirmed that the items you should have received are not available in-game, please contact us with the following information:
- Edition purchased
- Unlockable content pack or bonus content redeemed
- Details of the missing content (name, description, image)

To help our investigation, please provide us with your proof of purchase and a screenshot of the menus the content would normally appear in.

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