Equipping wings from the menu in Starlink: Battle for Atlas

If you own the physical Starlink toys, just plug your wings in and play!

If you own digital wings, please follow the steps below: 
- Head to the main menu of the game and select the Loadout tab. 

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- Press A (Xbox One) / X (PS4) / B (Switch) to open the Change Loadout sub menu
- In this new interface, you can navigate between ship, wings and weapons
- Select Link wing or an existing wing

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- From there, you can remove or add a wing by pressing A (Xbox One) / X (PS4) / B (Switch)

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Note that the order in which you build your wing will impact the way your ship is designed. Also, if you put on too many wing parts, your ship will become heavier and hard to manipulate. So be mindful of the Weight value!

You can reverse wings by pressing Y (Xbox One) / Triangle (PS4) / X (Switch). This will impact the way you control your ship. 

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