Accessing the PTS on Consoles

If you have been selected to participate in the PTS for Xbox One or PS4, you will receive an email congratulating you on your selection. To confirm your participation and join in, please follow the steps below:

- Navigate to the confirmation page by clicking on the link in the selection email. 
- Log in with your Ubisoft Account credentials.
- Select the platform you would like to play on.
- You have now confirmed your participation. You will receive an email including your key. 
Activate your key in the Xbox Live Market or in the PSN Store
- Start your preload and join us for our very first console PTS!
Please note: If you activated a key for the Update 1.7 PTS, you will already be eligible to play on the Update 1.8 PTS.

If you think that you're eligible to participate but you haven't received your key, do not hesitate to contact us
If you tried to redeem your activation key on the PSN Store and it didn't work, please get in touch with us

Associated Platforms


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