Unlocking Tier mode rewards

Once you reach Level 30 (max level,), you can start the Tier mode. You will start at Tier 50, as you pass every 5 Tiers, you will unlock a new reward.

Here is an overview of the available reward for each Tier unlocked.
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Face bandana: Teeth

Unlock at Tier 49

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Helmet: Wingnut

Unlock at Tier 45
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Weapon: Desert Tech HTI BDC

Unlock at Tier 40
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Face Bandana: Red Shemagh

Unlock at Tier 35
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Tattoo Right Arm: DILIGAF

Unlock at Tier 30
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FacePaint: Galea

Unlock at Tier 25
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Weapon Camo: WOLF SKIN

Unlock at Tier 20
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Face Bandana: Operator

Unlock at Tier 15
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Tattoo Left arm: 1%er

Unlock at Tier 10
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Weapon: LVOA-C Bad News

Unlock at Tier 5
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Weapon Camo: Grey Python

Unlock at Tier 1

For further information about unlocking Ubisoft Club Rewards, please see our FAQ.

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