AMD processors and SSE4.X support

SSE4.1 is an instruction set required by many current games. Older AMD processors might not support this instruction set. You'll find below a list of AMD CPU family that support, or not, this instruction set.

AMD processors that support SSE4.1 or higher
- "Bulldozer" family
- FX-4100 series
- FX-6100 series
- FX-8100 series
- Opteron 3200 series
- Opteron 4200 series
- Opteron 6200 series

- "Piledriver" Family
- FX-4300 series
- FX-6300 series
- FX-8300 series
- Opteron 3300 series
- Opteron 4300 series
- Opteron 6300 series

- "Steamroller" / "Excavator" Family
- all Althon X4 series

- "Ryzen" family
- all Ryzen series

AMD Processors that do not support SSE4.1 or higher
- "Sempron" family
- "Athlon II" family
- "Phenom II" family
- "Athlon" family
- "Phenom" family

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