Getting rewards for pre-ordering Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Players who pre-order a digital version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint for PC (including Ubisoft Store’s exclusive Wolves Collector Edition) between May 9th and October 4th 2019 or have pre-ordered it before the announcement of this offer will be eligible for additional in-game rewards in:
Rainbow Six: Siege
7-day renown booster

The Division 2
Military P416 Wolves weapon skin

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Pack of 1700 Ghost Recon Credits

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As soon as you have received your pre-order key from the Ubisoft Store or the Epic Game Store, make sure you have activated it on Ubisoft Connect or in the Epic Launcher

Ubisoft Connect
Rewards will be automatically enabled on your account and will appear in your in-game inventories. 

Epic Launcher
Rewards will be delivered in your in-game inventories once your Ubisoft and Epic accounts have been linked.
Clicking on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint icon should prompt you to link both accounts. 

If you own Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division 2 or Ghost Recon Wildlands on another PC platform (e.g.: Steam), you can still get the rewards as long as the pre-order was placed on the Ubisoft Account linked to the other platform.
You will receive the rewards even if you have not yet played or do not yet own the games.

Please note that the rewards are only available for PC version of Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division 2 or Ghost Recon Wildlands. This includes versions of the games available through Ubisoft+.

Cancelling your pre-order will remove the rewards from your account. It is not possible to transfer these rewards to a friend or another account. 

Should you need any further assistance with this promotion, feel free to contact us!

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