Update 1.8 - Using The Optimization Station

Gear Optimization provides a brand new way for agents to invest in their favorite gear and achieve the perfect build for their playstyle. You have now the opportunity to take any of your gear to the new Gear Optimization station and spend Division Tech to improve the quality of your item’s stats towards their cap.

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To find Division Tech crates, defeat enemies in the Resistance arenas or explore them. Note that enemies in West Side Piers open world have a chance to drop Division Tech as well.

In addition to Division Tech, the Optimization requires default currency credits: 250,000. This number will not increase, like for the recalibration station.

Furthermore, deconstructing High End gear, High End weapons, Gear Set items, Classified Gear Sets, Exotic armor and weapons now has a chance to reward Division Tech.

For more information about the Update 1.8 Patch Notes, feel free to visit the official website

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