English Voice Over Issue

Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

If you have finished the installation but not yet started a new game:
  • Finish the installation.
  • Launch the game.
  • When arriving in the main menu open the Options Menu and return to the main menu. (This will avoid the issue.)

If you have finished the installation and already started a new game without visiting the Options Menu:
  • Close Champions of Anteria.
  • Open the Windows Explorer.
  • Open the CoA folder in My Documents
  • Delete the file game.conf
  • Restart Champions of Anteria and open the Options Menu once. (The issue is now fixed and you can start a new game.)

This issue does not occur if you open the options menu at least once before starting a new game on a fresh installation. (Re-installation does fix the issue.)

If you have any further issues please contact us via Live Chat or Webmail.

Please provide the following subject line when submitting your ticket: [Performance] Sound / Missing Voice-Over ‎

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