Contents of the Year 3 Season Pass

The Year 3 Pass will enhance your For Honor experience further, with new Heroes, effects, and in-game bonuses!

Owners of the Pass will receive:

- Early access to the four new Heroes coming in 2019 (one Hero from each faction)
- An elite outfit for each of the aforementioned Heroes
- Idle emote execution effect Thunderbolt and Frightening for all Heroes
- 5 Premium Scavenger crates
- 30-Day Champion Status
Champion Status will start with the activation of the Season Pass and cannot be paused.
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Please note that content is bound to the primary account and cannot be shared with any sub-account.

Additional information on how to access your in-game content can be found in our dedicated article HERE.

If you would like to know more about the Year 3 Pass, please visit the Ubisoft Store or reach out to us!

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